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14.5cm Square Flat Card - Buffalo Kraft Board 386gsm

14.5cm Square Flat Card - Buffalo Kraft Board 386gsm
Dimensions of Paperglitz 14.5cm Square Flat Card The Paperglitz 14.5cm Square Flat Card is used as the insert for our 150mm Square Pockets and 150mm Square Glamour Pockets (as pictured) The Paperglitz 14.5cm Square Flat Card also fits nicely as an insert the pocket of our 150mm Square Pouch Pocket fold. The image shown has the 14.85cm Square Flat Card used as the centre text panel.
386gsm Card Stock
Yes - Min. 18% Recycled Content & Certified Carbon Neutral
Laser Compatible*
Yes (Very Thick - Testing recommended)
Inkjet Compatible*
Some (Very Thick - Testing recommended)
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Packs of 25 or 100
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14.5cm Square Flat Card - Buffalo Kraft Board 386gsm

  • The 14.5cm Square Flat Card has long been a popular card for both wedding & christening invitations.
  • This 14.5cm Square Flat Card is made from unbleached, natural brown kraft board with a unique two-ply design which gives one side a more natural finish than the other! Buffalo Kraft Board is generally used for high end product packaging but it also makes wonderfully affordable invitation & greeting cards.
  • Like it's name suggests, the 14.5cm Square Flat Card measures 14.5x14.5cm and are widely used as inserts for our 150mm Square Pockets, inserts for our 150mm Square Pouch Pocket Folds and as top layers on our 14.85cm Square Flat Cards. (sold separately)
  • We use & recommend Helmar 450 Quick Dry Glue or Helmar Premium Craft Glue for gluing this card to another for layering or for gluing decorative papers to this card. (sold separately)
  • The invitation text is normally printed directly on the card. However, sometimes it is printed on another layer of card which is glued on top to create a layered look. (sold separately)
  • It is also very easy to add a pocket® to this invitation card that can hold your RSVP Cards & Envelopes, Information cards, Maps etc. The 14.25cm Add A Pocket® looks fantastic on this card. (Add A Pockets® sold separately)
  • All of our 14.5cm Square Flat Cards fit into our standard 16cm Square Envelopes or our 16cm Square Invitation Boxes. (sold separately)
  • This Buffalo Kraft Board is manufactured in the USA and converted and packaged by Paperglitz in Sydney, Australia. This natural brown board is light but rigid and is widely used by wedding stationers for bomboniere boxes and invitation boxes. It also also popular for chocolatiers and cake makers looking for safe packaging boxes.
  • It is also widely used for Annual Reports, Brochures, Menus, Greeting Cards, Invitations and blister packaging, freezer & fridge and a wide range of general quality packaging.
  • Important - colour may darken slighty when exposed to light - as it contains natural dye pigments. This is not a defect, it is a characteristic of naturally dyed products. Generally this is only noticable if comparing a new unexposed sheet to an older exposed sheet or a section of the sheet has been covered. Please ensure you take this into consideration for colour matching purposes, we will not accept any claims about the darkening of the stock.
  • Environmentally Conscious Product :

    • Food contact approved to ISEGA standards - great for packaging chocolates, cakes etc.
    • Certified Carbon Neutral to exit of Mill door
    • Recycled Content - minimum 18% recycled fibre from pre-consumer waste
    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
    • PEFC Certified - sustainable forest management through independent third party certification
    • Unbleached natural brown kraftboard with unique two-ply design

    *Compatible is not a guarantee of performance on your specific printer. It has been tested to work with a wide range of such printers/toners but it always subject to machine type and specification. It also refers to the paper used to make this product and not the product itself, as sizes and shapes accepted by each printer is different. Prior testing is recommended.

    We also carry this card in 283gsm card stock, boxes & a wide range of die cut DIY invitation cards. If you are colour matching paper & envelopes, the closest match is Buffalo Kraft Paper. They are from different mills but a visually similar in colour.

    Buy with confidence and specify only "Genuine Paperglitz 14.5cm Square Flat Cards" for your next project.

    ® Add A Pocket is a registered trademark of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd, trading as Paperglitz and may not be used without prior written consent. Unauthorised use is a breach of trademark and an offence under Australian & International Law.

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