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14.85cm Fold N Lock Card - Crystal Perle Metallic Antique Silver

14.85cm Fold N Lock Card - Crystal Perle Metallic Antique Silver
Dimensions of Paperglitz 14.8cm Square Fold N Lock Invitation Card
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14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Card - Crystal Perle™ Metallic Antique Silver

  • The 14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Card is a unique but popular card for creating beautiful wedding invitations with a difference.
  • The short flap is folded & glued in the middle only - allowing the edge to be lifted slightly. The larger flap folds over and extends approx. 2mm past the small flap - a slight bend and it will fit underneath the edge of the short flap - locking it closed - hence it's name "Fold N Lock". Another slight bend or lift and the card easily opens again. The front flaps are easily decorated with decorative handmade papers for a truly stunning appearance.
  • This14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Card is made from our beautiful premium metallic light silver 300gsm card stock from Italy (similar to Curious Metallics Lustre but a little more neutral in colour) and is double sided in colour.
  • This DIY Invitation Card arrives flat packed & unfolded making them easier to print. When folded they measure 14.85cm x 14.85cm square.
  • Tip : When working with scored cards, the bump on the score (or fold line) is always the inside. When ready to fold, place on clean flat surface with bumps facing up and gently fold the card over and align the edges. Whilst holding the edges together, gently flatten out the fold. For best results, make the fold sharp by rubbing gently with the back of a clean spoon.
  • We use & recommend Helmar 450 Quick Dry Glue or Helmar Premium Craft Glue for gluing the front panel and any inserts or decorative papers. (sold separately)
  • The invitation text is most often printed on a sheet of paper or translucent paper that is a little smaller than A6 or 1/4 of an A4 Sheet. With text for 4 invitations from one A4 sheet, this becomes a very affordable invitation. Often a decorative paper (again just under A6 size) is placed under the text layers. These layers are only normally only glued on their left hand edges and when the small flap is folded over, all glues are hidden to leave a professional finish. Even better, the small fold over panel is easily decorated and any ribbons or decorative papers used can just be tucked under the reverse of the small flap and when folded and glued down, all the cut ends are conveniently hidden! (sold separately)
  • All of our 14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Cards fit into our standard 160x160mm Square Envelopes or our 160x160mm Square Invitation Boxes. All of our folding cards are specifically designed to fit our standard envelopes & box sizes. (sold separately)
  • This 14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Card is made from paper that is manufactured in Italy and is converted and packaged by Paperglitz in Sydney, Australia. Crystal Perle™ is specially imported by Paperglitz and has quickly become one of Australia's favourite metallic paper ranges. It is very popular for wedding invitations as it is a premium quality paper with fantastic batch & colour consistency and is affordably priced.
  • This stunning range of papers is also widely used for Annual Reports, Brochures, Menus, Greeting Cards, Wedding Invitations and packaging.
  • This range of papers is laser compatible* and as a result it is widely used for DIY wedding invitations and projects as many standard laser printers that can print on heavy card stock will produce beautiful results.

Environmentally Conscious Product. It is made with paper that is :

  • Acid free (non-yellowing)
  • Elemental Chlorine Free Pulps
  • ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental Management Systems)
  • FSC Mix Certified - Forest Stewardship Council certified from responsible sources.
*Compatible is not a guarantee of performance on your specific printer. It has been tested to work with a wide range of such printers/toners but it always subject to machine type and specification. It also refers to the paper used to make this product and not the product itself, as sizes and shapes accepted by each printer is different. Prior testing is recommended.

We also carry this colour in 125gsm paper, 300gsm card, envelopes, boxes and a wide range of die cut DIY invitation cards.

Buy with confidence and specify only "Genuine Paperglitz 14.85cm Fold N Lock Invitation Cards" for your next project.

Crystal Perle is a trademark of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd, trading as Paperglitz and may not be used without prior written consent. Unauthorised use is a breach of Australian and International Law.

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