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150mm Square Pockets

Paperglitz 150mm Square Pocket or 150mm Square Sleeve Invitation Card Dimensions - popular for wedding & christening invitations

We are the manufacturer and wholesaler of 150mm Square Pockets - a very popular card for wedding invitations & christening invitations. Our 15cm square invitation pockets (or sleeves) are available in more than 70 different matte and metallic finishes and are widely used by many professional wedding invitation retailers and are also sold as an easy option for DIY wedding invitations.

Our 15cm square invitation pockets (or sleeves) are made from the highest quality mill made papers from Australia and around the world and are only made from environmentally responsible papers - there is no illegally harvested tree pulp in our range. 

The 150mm Square Pockets / Sleeves are not only popular for invitations, but they are also widely used by many boutique businesses to elegantly hold their gift vouchers.

Compare the Quality & Our Low Prices!

  • We only manufacture them with environmentally responsible specialty paper stocks from the world's leading mills.
  • Our 150mm Square Pockets are made to take our standard 14.5cm Flat Flat card as the insert.
  • All 150mm Square Pockets fit perfectly in our standard 160x160mm Square Envelopes or 160x160mm Square  Invitation Boxes, unless bulky decorations are used (sold separately). 
  • The design is also available as a 150mm Square Glamour Pocket® - made from the most stunning handmade recycled cotton papers.
  • All 150mm Square Pockets are manufactured and packaged in our own factory in Sydney, Australia (from premium local & imported papers). Because we are the manufacturer, we can turn around any of our stocked colours/styles on the same day it's ordered. No waiting for stock to arrive from overseas. Need 10 or 10,000 - no problems.

Buy with confidence and specify only "Genuine Paperglitz 150mm Square Pockets" for your next project.

® Glamour Pocket is a Registered Trademark of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd, trading as Paperglitz and may not be used without our prior written consent. Unauthorised use is a breach of trademark and an offence under Australian & International Law.


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