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Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine - 1400x900mm Twin 80/100w CO2 with CCD Camera

Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine - 1400x900mm Twin 80/100w CO2 with CCD Camera
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Laser cutting in stereo - 2 x 56x76cm Cotton paper sheets with metal glitter CCD Camera with Optical Recognition, registration and cutting Upgraded CW5200 Industrial Water Chiller with dual input/outputs for twin laser tubes Dual 80W CO2 Laser Tubes. Simple Plug & Play 100W tube replacement upgrade as machine already runs 100W Power Supplies. Large format laser cutting & engraving machine with 1400x900mm Motorised Table & unlimited pass through. CCD Camera with Optical Recognition locating & cutting out paper coins on a printed A4 sheet Actual machine laser cutting 3mm acrylic with fire polished edges. Lasercut 5.3 - PC vector design & cutting software. Design or import from your favourite Illustrator, Corel Draw etc vector based programs Laser cutting & engraving hangsell candle box from 352gsm Starblack cardstock
Twin C02 Laser with CCD Camera
Used - Perfect Working Condition
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SOLD!!! - Payment Pending. This item is no longer available.

Fully optioned 1400x900mm laser cutting & engraving machine - 2 heads cuts 2 at a time with CCD camera and optical recognition!!!.

Unlike almost any other machine in Australia - this machine is was custom built to our specification and is incredible in terms of capability & value!

Including all extras, massive list of factory options & extras (USD$3500 just for CCD & Software) - if you order a new one direct from manufacturer, this machine will cost you well in excess of $20K landed, customs duties paid & delivered. A lot more if you get someone else to order & import it for you!

Immaculate Condition - suit new buyer. Looks and works like new! Major service & upgrades just completed. Any inspection welcome.

Grab a bargain at $10,000 plus GST and full tax invoice. New replacement cost expected to be well over $20,000. Customs duty and freight from Port Botany was $2200 alone!

1400x900mm table with unlimited pass through for longer items, 2 x 80w CO2 laser tubes, 2 x 100w laser power supplies & 2 x cutting heads, CCD Camera with optical recognition & registration, PC, 2 x licensed software packages, 2 x spare 80w CO2 laser tubes, 55 & 100mm Focal lenses & heads, upgraded industrial water chiller for 2 lasers, motorised table, honeycomb table, dual red dot pointers, auto-focus, rotary engraving tool (unused), exhaust filtration cabinet, spare power supplies, recent major service & upgrades etc, etc.... incredible machine!

Here is a 60 second video of actual machine laser cutting 2 x sheets 56x76cm sheets of cotton paper with metal glitter
2 x cutting heads, means cutting jobs twice as fast!!!:


Here is a short video of actual machine using CCD for optical recognition - it can detect a specified pattern, register and perfectly cut any specified shape.
Watch as it skips the gold coins. Great for printed items, pre-cut greeting cards, boxes, t-shirts, embroided items, custom business cards, pattern items, registration marks, and more. Doing this manually would take hours and a huge amount of waste. CCD with optical recognition makes this type of work super fast, super accurate and so efficient!!!



Here is a short video of actual machine engraving & cutting out a 352gsm candle packaging box.
Engraving no problems. With Precision power control & output, designs can be quickly set up so that some lines are fully cut through, whilst others are adjusted to only output enough power to cut 1/2 way through a sheet of card - meaning we can create scored lines for perfect folds!!! Ideal for short run projects and production sampling etc.



Quick Specifications

  • Twin 80W CO2 lasers with independent power supplies & dual cutting heads (Cuts 2 pieces in stereo at the one time - can disable one and cut with single laser and bigger table)
  • Machine upgradeable to 100w tubes – just order and swap tubes as it already has 2 x 100w power supplies installed.
  • CCD Camera with Optical pattern/ recognition & registration for cutting pre-printed/embroided objects etc
  • Working Table 1400x900mm with rear pass through for unlimited length. Set as 2 x 700 x 900 when working with twin lasers or 1400x900 with one laser.
  • Honeycomb table
  • Vacuum table with fume extraction
  • Motorised table/platform to raise/lower
  • Auto Focus
  • 2 x Red Dot Pointer
  • Rotary attachment for working with cylindrical objects (still in factory packaging – never used)
  • Upgraded CW5200 Water Chiller for two laser heads - $1000+ just on its own!
  • Exhaust Filtering System on exhaust with charcoal cabinet for internal venting
  • Software – Lasercut 5.3 & Lasercut 1.0 with Blue & White softdog (usb hardware licences to use & enable software)
  • PC with Monitor and software versions installed are included. Machine upgraded recently to run the latest SSD Hard Drive for maximum protection and an spare clone of the hard drive on regular hard drive supplied as a backup)
  • Genuine 3M drive belts for long term accurate motion
  • 2 x New Spare 80w Co2 laser tubes ($600 each - $1200 worth of spare tubes!)
  • Spare mirrors
  • 55mm tubes & lenses
  • 100mm tubes & lenses
  • Coaxial Air Assist/Blower on both cutting heads
  • Spare 100w Power Supply (original and in good operating offer. Both power supplies just replaced with brand new units ($300 each - $600 value) .


Examples of NON-metallic materials that the CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver can be used with:

  • Acrylic
  • Rubber
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • MDF Board
  • Leather
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Bamboo
  • Marble
  • Crystal
  • Metals - marking only using CerMark™ or similar - great for machine ID plates

Amazing machine suitable for printers, wedding invitations & stationery,

Major Service & Upgrades just completed! Including :

  • 2 x Brand new 100w Power Supplies fitted ($600 parts alone)
  • 2 x Brand new safety water cooling flow detection valves/switches fitted
  • New professionally refurbished PC & Monitor with 2 x software packages re-installed
  • All machine & software settings re-calibrated
  • Flying Optics lenses & mirrors cleaned and re-focused
  • HDD replaced with new Solid State Hard Disk Drive (SSD) with standard HDD supplied as cloned backup
  • Chiller & entire cooling system drained, flushed and refilled with distilled water
  • Machine fully cleaned
  • Full lubrication of all moving parts

Machine runs on dedicated PC with fully licensed Laser Cut 5.3 software (Cut, Engrave, Rotary Engrave & Grade Engrave) & Laser Cut 1.0 SB with Matrox Image Detection software (CCD Camera with Optical Recognition & Cut Out). Both Software packages are fully licensed by special usb dongles called "Softdogs". Both Softfogs for each of the 2 x software packages are included in the sale.

Machine is in operation and has had very little use. Inspection & demonstration is welcome.

This is a large industrial scale machine and will require the space of a single car/garage or similar.

Fully services and ready to go. Free pick-up ex. Sydney NSW.

Owned outright - no finance owing.

Machine has inbuilt casters and is easily moved around. We have a forklift on site & can also lift it onto your truck / courier. Freight is not included in the price.  

Inspection Mon-Fri from 8am to 4pm in Caringbah. Call Ben at Paperglitz on 02 9526 8788 between 8am & 1pm to make an appointment to inspect. Machine is super clean and ready to go.

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