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A5 Restaurant Menu Papers

Restaurants & Cafes - Print your own A5 menus on our beautiful papers!

We are an Australian wholesale supplier of a wide range of A5 specialty papers widely used in the restaurant industry for menus and special events. Our gorgeous papers are supplied to restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, clubs and widely throughout a variety of event industries Australia wide!

Affordable Covid-19 Safe Restaurant & Cafe Menus

  • Covid-19 Safe Disposable A5 Restaurant Menus - Print your own menus with our papers on virtually any standard laser printer1 and save a small fortune by bypassing the commercial printers! We help make disposable menus affordable.
  • Covid-19 Laminated A5 Restaurant Menus - All of our papers are also compatible with standard home office pouch or commercial roll laminators. After you print them just put them through your $20 laminator and you are done!
  • Save Money & Print Your Own A5 Restaurant Menus! Forget paying a printer to print large volumes of menus that have to be discarded every time you want to change your menu. Print them yourself - our stunning range of papers are all laser compatible and many are also inkjet compatible1. They can be printed on with almost any regular home or office laser printer. Want a special menu this weekend, no problems - just edit your template and press print! We make DIY restaurant menus easy!

Get your A5 paper fast - we guillotine, package & dispatch daily! All of our A5 papers are guillotined and packaged in our own factory in Sydney, Australia from only the finest specialty papers from around the world including UK, France, Italy, USA, Europe & Australia. NO cheap and nasty papers from China in our range!

Free Print Templates For Your A5 Menus

Once registered, you will have access to our free Microsoft Word print templates for your menus. Just download, insert your own logo, edit the menu text and your ready to print! Registered account holders, sign in and click here to download your free menu templates.

Environmentally Friendly Papers Because we only purchase from reputable mills, we can also proudly say that all of our specialty papers are produced with the environment in mind. We carry certified recycled papers, carbon neutral papers, wind power made papers, acid free papers, chlorine free papers, plantation sourced papers and more. All of our papers come from well managed plantation forests. Buy with confidence - there are no papers in our range that come from illegal &/or irresponsible harvesting of our forests.

In addition to A5 restaurant menu paper, we also range the following sizes : A4 Papers & Cards, DL Papers & Cards, and A5 Folding Cards (A4 Scored Cards), DL Folding Cards (Scored Cards) and our tremendously popular 3 Panel Menu Stands. We have textured papers, kraft papers, recycled papers, metallic papers, pearlescent papers, translucent papers, matte papers - we've got heaps of papers for you to make your menus look fabulous without breaking the bank!

Compare the Quality, Our Low Prices & Our Stock Availability!

Forget buying expensive paper from office supply stores or online market places and website only businesses - they almost never have enough stock! Most will take your order and then let you wait days or weeks whilst they order it in for you from places like us! Save money & time and deal directly with the distributor & wholesaler! Want 200 Sheets, 1000 sheets, 10,000 sheets - no problems we have an entire warehouse full of papers!

1 Our papers are sold as being "compatible" with many but not necessarily guaranteed for your specific printer. Test printing is always recommended before you purchase in bulk.

Buy with confidence and choose "Genuine Paperglitz A5 Specialty Papers" for your DIY restaurant menus!


Keaykolour Original Jet Black 120gsm Paper - A5 Sheets
SKU: A5KAJB120-50

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