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Terms & Conditions

Use of this website and the placing of all orders, including not only our website but through other offline methods, with Paperglitz (a registered trading name of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd) are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Paperglitz is a registered trading name of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd. All references below to Paperglitz shall be referred to as the one and same as B M G Marketing Pty Ltd.
  • The prices and terms and conditions are effective from the date shown at the top of this page, and supersedes all previous versions effective as of the "updated date" shown above. Each time your place an order with Paperglitz, you are accepting these terms and conditions as they are published on the date and time your order is placed. Please revisit these terms and conditions regularly to check for any changes.
  • Paperglitz is a wholesale only company and we do not supply stocks directly to retail consumers. We limit supply to registered businesses with an ABN and trading in a field that regularly retails the products we sell or use them in their regular course of conducting business. We may also restrict supply based on geographical market saturation, supply capacity or any other reason we deem fit. All decisions regarding eligibility of customers is solely at the discretion of Paperglitz.

Confidentiality & Copyright 

  • Your username and password for this website is privileged and strictly confidential - as they provide access to our site which has restricted and private information. You may not disclose/share either of these with any other person without prior written consent from B M G Marketing Pty Ltd. If you believe your username or password has been compromised, please contact us immediately so we can arrange for new usernames and passwords to be issued. Any disclosure of your username and/or password for this site is a serious breach of confidentiality and we will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including a claim for damages against you as a result of any such breach.
  • All pricing and all future correspondence by us which is not intended for the general public is strictly confidential and is provided to you in confidence as a tool to facilitate your ordering and to assist in your product ranging. You may not disclose any prices to any person outside of your immediate organisation in either verbal, written, printed, electronic or any other format without the prior written consent from a director of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd. The disclosure of any of our pricing to any rd party, including but not limited to your customers and/or your other wholesalers is strictly forbidden. A breach of confidentiality will be treated as a serious breach of confidentiality and we will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including a claim for damages against you as a result of any such breach.
  • The content of this website is copyright to B M G Marketing Pty Ltd. Unless specific permission is given in writing, you may not replicate, duplicate, copy or manipulate any images or content on this website without prior written authorisation of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd. Under certain circumstances, permission will be given for our registered customers to use our images and or text solely for the purpose of reselling our products. The use of our content or images to sell another companies products is strictly forbidden. A breach of copyright will be treated as a serious breach and we will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including a claim for damages as a result of any such breach.


  • Paperglitz is a registered owner of several Trademarks, including the Paperglitz Logo, "Glamour Pocket" and "Add A Pocket". Further we have exclusive rights to the trademarks of the names Crystal Perle, Urban and many of our paper names. It is a breach of the Trade Practices Act to attempt to "pass off" another product under one of our trademarks. For example, only a genuine Glamour Pocket supplied by Paperglitz may be marketed and sold as a "Glamour Pocket". Attempting to market/sell a competitors similar product under our trademark is prohibited and a breach of the law. Paperglitz trademarks may only be used to market, advertise and sell genuine Paperglitz products. A breach of our trademark rights will be treated as a serious breach and we will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including a claim for damages as a result of such breach.
  • Your use of the terms "Glamour Pocket" and "Add A Pocket" may only be used on products made and/or supplied directly by Paperglitz. They may not be used on any other companies products under any circumstances. Any use of these terms must be used with the registered trademark symbol ® followed in the same context/page with a disclaimer of "® is a registered trademark of B M G Marketing Pty Ltd (trading as Paperglitz)". Any use of our trademarks without the acknowledgement of our ownership and inline with our licence to do so will be treated as a serious breach of Trade Mark and of the Australian Trade Practices act and we will seek prosecution to the fullest extent of the law, including a claim for damages as a result of such breach.


  • All previous pricing and any pricing arrangements made with us, whether formally or informally are hereby revoked. The pricing including volume scales and discounts to order totals will be governed by the pricing and promotions as they appear on this website. No further discounts or rebates will apply to any order placed on our website, regardless of any previous arrangements. The order totals as shown are final.
  • All prices shown are shown in Australian Dollars (AUD). We only charge in Australian Dollars and if outside of Australia, you will be responsible for any foreign currency transfer fees and exchange rate differences.
  • All prices listed exclude GST. GST will be automatically added on to your invoice for all orders delivered within Australia. GST is not payable for orders delivered outside of Australia.
  • Orders for delivery to countries other than Australia do not include any import duties or taxes imposed by your country. Any such charges are your responsibility.
  • Prices may increase without notice. We will endeavour to communicate price rises as soon as possible but all prices will be as per prices published on this site on the day your order is placed.
  • We reserve the right to correct any errors or omissions in this price list and charge correct pricing.
  • Any quotations or estimates provided in advance of an order are only valid for 7 days (30 days if specifically specified in the quote or estimate). After such time, current pricing as per this website will apply.
  • Prices may differ for online orders and offline orders. Most specials, pack size price breaks, order volume discounts and/or specials are available online only. Orders received offline will only receive the applicable unit base price. To take full advantage of our pricing scales, orders should be submitted online. Any quotations or estimates provided in advance of an order are only valid for 7 days (30 days if specifically specified in the quote or estimate). After such time, current unit base pricing as per this website will apply.

Ordering & Minimum Orders Values

  • Orders can be submitted via website, e-mail, fax, telephone or mail. However, credit card payments not made online via our secure payments pages, require a written authorisation from you to charge your card. If your do not order on our website (e.g. ordering via your own ordering systems or telephone), please ensure you provide accurate product codes, as our invoicing system is driven by product codes and not descriptions. Our policy on refunds and exchanges are listed separately in this document but we do not make any special exceptions for errors made by you in terms of inaccurate product codes or descriptions when ordering. The accuracy of the product codes supplied is your responsibility however, if you need help to obtain please simply ask us before hand rather than guessing.
  • Minimum Order Values. Orders placed online via our website have a minimum order value of just $50.00, ex. GST & Freight. All orders placed via phone, email, fax or in person will have a minimum order of $150.00 ex. GST & Freight. If you can't make the $150, please ensure you place your order on our website which will accept an order of just $50.00 without any additional handling fees. To keep our regular prices as low as possible for all wholesale customers, all phone, email, fax or in person orders below the minimum order value of $150 ex. GST & Freight will incur an additional $25.00 manual order processing and handling fee. Orders under $50 will not be accepted.
  • Cancellations. Most pre-cut cards are made to order. Production is often commenced as soon as the order is received and before payment. Once production is commenced, orders cannot be cancelled, regardless of order payment status. Items ordered that are not made to order (e.g. Ribbons, Buckles) can be changed prior to payment being received. Once an order has been paid/charged, it cannot be cancelled, regardless of stock type. Special orders cannot be cancelled once a deposit is paid.

Special Offers & Promotions & Volume Pricing

  • All special offers, promotions & volume prices shown are only available to orders submitted online via our website.
  • Orders placed via phone, fax, email or in person will NOT be eligible for any of the special offers. If you want to take advantage of one of our special offers, please ensure you submit your order via our website.
  • Special offers and promotions are valid strictly during the advertised period and will only be applied as at the date and time of your online order being processed. They may also be subject to stock availability limits. Rain-checks will not be issued once the allocated amount of stock has been depleted.
  • After your order is submitted, the special offers are closed. For example, if you place an order today, and a new special appears tomorrow, the special offer will not and can not be applied to your order from the previous day. The specials stand as at the time and date the order is placed. If you want to take advantage of new specials, then you need to submit a new order.
  • If any items are accepted for return from your order, if it means the order would no longer have been eligible for any special offers or promotions, the specials offers or promotions must also be returned or an additional payment will be required to cover their cost.
  • Our promotions and special offers may be withdrawn, amended or extended by as at any time, regardless of any indicative details shown elsewhere on our site. The offers will only stand as at the time and date your order is placed. We accept no liability for the withdrawal, amendment or extension of any of our promotions or special offers, regardless of circumstances.


  • Payment Methods – Visa, MasterCard, Direct Deposit & International Telegraphic Transfer for mail order. Cash is available for orders being picked up from our warehouse however, pre-cut cards are made to order and will require payment before they are made.
  • To keep our prices as low as possible, we do not operate credit accounts or accept cheques, AMEX or Diners.
  • For website orders, you can pay on our secure payments pages, direct deposit or by phone payment.
  • We currently do not charge a surcharge for credit card payments, but we reserve the right to do so in the future.
  • Orders will be held for 7 days from the date the order/proforma is issued. After this time, if no payment has been received the stock will be returned for sale and a $20.00 cancellation/restocking fee will apply. Failure to pay the restocking fee will result in your account being suspended.
  • For offline order payment details, please refer to your proforma or the order form. For direct deposits, please wait for us to issue a Proforma Invoice to ensure accurate totals, including freight.
  • Credit Card details will not be stored, unless you request us to keep this information for convenient automatic charging. If requested, we will store this information offline electronically, in a password protected POS System with restricted access but we will not be held liable for unauthorised access. Our online payments processor by St George Bank may keep records of your transactions to assist with re-orders and/or refunds.
  • Goods must be paid for in full prior to dispatch or pickup. Title of goods. Goods remain the property of Paperglitz until paid for in full and our goods may not be resold until payment has cleared. Any credit card charge backs or direct deposits that don't clear in our account will automatically result in the title of goods reverting back to Paperglitz and goods may not be resold until payment in full has been received. Risk is assumed by buyer upon dispatch of order from Paperglitz premises, includes loss & damage during transit.
  • In the event of any outstanding debts owed to Paperglitz, interest will be charged at 10% per annum and a $20 late payment fee will apply every month until payment is received in full. You agree to pay these fees and you also agree to pay us for all account administration costs and debt recovery fees and charges, including those 3rd parties (such as debt collectors or solicitors) engaged by Paperglitz to recover money owed to us.

Availability & Backorders

  • All products on this website are listed in good faith and it is assumed that the products will be available for sale. We have a very proud record of over 99% in stock status on our range. However, unfortunately from time to time, products may be temporarily, or even permanently unavailable. We will not be held liable for any damages, in any form, as a result of failure to supply any goods or service, regardless of the reason.
  • In the event we cannot supply a particular item, you will be advised of an estimated availability for you to re-order. We do not back order, unless you specifically request us to do so.

Freight / Shipping

Returns, Claims & Refunds

  • Our returns and claims procedure is to be read in conjunction with your statutory rights as per Australia's Trade Practices Act.
  • Return of goods are accepted for items that are faulty, do not meet description, unavailable or not fit for it's intended purpose (the product's purpose, not your purpose). We will issue you with either a refund or a replacement.
  • Faulty products are limited to the individual item and not the entire order or package. For example, if you receive a packet of 25 sheets of paper and one was defective, we will replace or refund the single damaged sheet and not the whole packet or order.
  • Returns for change of mind or incorrect orders on papers, cards, pre-cut cards, die-cut products & ribbons are not accepted, unless due to an error in supply by Paperglitz . The reason being that most of these items are made/cut to order (once cut, it can't be undone). Ribbons can not be returned as we can't easily tell whether a meter or two has been cut from the roll - so they can't be resold as 25 Mtr Rolls.
  • Returns on other products such as Flowers, Buckles, Bags etc, may be returned for credit within 7 days, provided the goods are in their original unopened packaging and in a new condition.
  • If a claim is approved for a change of mind/incorrect order, a 20% (with a minimum of $20 ex GST) restocking & administration fee will be deducted from the amount of credit provided in exchange for the returned goods. You are responsible for the return freight of any returned items, unless it is due to an error in supply by Paperglitz. If it is our error, we ask you to return and we will credit your account for the cost of the return freight.
  • We sell handmade papers that are made from recycled cotton. This paper has a very distinct character and that includes the possibility of small amounts of foreign objects (like a dark or coloured thread of cotton) being embedded in the recycled cotton sheet. These can cause spots of discoloration in the paper, even through the pearl coating. This is considered normal and will not be accepted as a fault. If you don't like the look and character of a handmade product made from recycled cotton, please consider purchasing mill made papers instead.
  • Claims for printer compatibility issues or colour issues (e.g. actual colour is different to your computer screen) are not accepted. A full range of sample packs at colour swatches are available for prior testing/viewing.
  • All returns require prior authorisation (Merchandise Return Authorisation or MRA) by Paperglitz and must be accompanied by a full copy of our invoice for that product/s and the authorised MRA.
  • In order to return/exchange any goods, you must first contact us for a Merchandise Return Authority (MRA). If your return is accepted, you will be sent an authorised MRA. You must include this MRA along with a copy of your invoice with the goods being returned. If the MRA and/or invoice is not enclosed with the goods being returned, a credit/exchange will be refused.
  • For all returns/claims, regardless of reason, you are responsible for the safe packaging of the products. Products returned that are damaged in transit, will not be accepted and no credit will be issued. We send all papers and cards to you in boxes. Please take the same care when returning them. Papers and cards get damaged in satchels and padded bags and damaged items will not be accepted, nor will be responsible for returning the damaged items to you. All claims must be made within 7 days of invoice date and the Invoice Number will be required.
  • Claims after 7 days will not be accepted.

Compulsory Newsletter Subscription

  • When your account is approved, you will be automatically subscribed to our "Registered Stockist" newsletter database. This is the primary method we use to communicate with you about our products, prices, specials, trading terms etc.
  • If you unsubscribe, we will no longer be able to communicate with you and your trading account will be closed. This will mean that your account will be made inactive and you won't be able to login, nor place any orders with us.


  • Refer to section "Copyright & Confidentiality" for copyright information about images.
  • Images are intended as a guide only. They are not intended to be an accurate picture of the pattern scale, nor the colours. All references for ordering to scale and colours should only be made from our swatch booklets which are available for purchase by every retailer. No claims will be accepted based on variation of colour and/or scale of patterns from the images on this website.

Colour Variations Between Batches

  • All papers will differ slight between batches and colour variations may be apparent. The colours may be a little darker, lighter etc and it is mostly due to the substrate used in the papers. As tree fibers are a natural product, it is impossible to ensure exact replications between batches. The mills/manufacturers have a tolerance of permitted variations between batches. If a colour variation has been approved by the mill/manufacturer, then no claims will be accepted for any variation of colour. Our swatches and previously sold products were made with the shade/colour of the product at the time they were supplied. Future batches may differ in shade. This should be referred to as a guide. If exact colour matching is critical, you should contact us to enquire/request sample of the current batch prior to ordering. If you choose not to do so, then you choose to accept the colour/shade as stocked at the time.

Cutting & Scoring Tolerances

  • All sizes shown in this website are our standard sizes. We take a lot of care when preparing our products and use professional high grade equipment manufactured in Germany & USA. However, all cutting & scoring (either stock items or special requests) will be subject to an industry standard of a variance of +/- 2mm. A4 Handmade Papers are subject to a greater variance and are deliberately programmed to be over cut to 21.1x30cm to allow for compression of the papers when clamping and retain a full usable A4 sheet. Acceptable dimensions are between 20.9x29.6 to 21.1x30cm. Flocked papers have a greater allowance and are cut at 21.1x30cm and have a variance of +/-3mm. Cards & Papers within these ranges are considered to be within specification. Full sheets which are not cut by Paperglitz will be delivered in the sizes delivered by the factory and these may vary by up to 5cm per sheet. If you by off chance receive cut papers or cards that are outside of these ranges, we will consider them defective and will replace them at no additional cost. Any defective products will need to be returned prior to replacement. If they fall within these tolerances, they will not be accepted as faulty and won't be replaced or refunded.

Recommended Retails (RRP's)

  • RRP is only a recommendation by us as to what the recommended retail price of a product is. It is only a recommendation and no one knows your business and customers like you, so you are free to set whatever price you wish. We do not seek to control the retail price of our products in anyway - that is totally up to you as the retailer.
  • However, in order to assist our retailers work out what sort of retail price they can charge, we recommend the following on most products:

    Confidential - You must be logged in to view this section/guide - information is only for registered retailers. Please login to view.

  • Whilst we generally don't do so at present, we reserve the right to introduce RRP's on our packaging and websites, at any time in the future without further notice.

Website Stockists

  • We reserve the right to either publish or not to publish a list of stockists.
  • We reserve all rights regarding which of our customers are listed on the website as Paperglitz stockists, and the order that they may appear in. Our decisions are largely influenced by your ordering patterns and amounts spent over time. Frequent orders of a variety of our products indicates that your company is an active stockist and is able to readily assist a retail customer purchase Paperglitz products. We will not list businesses with infrequent orders or orders for just a narrow band of our products. We review the stockists listed on our website several times per year and will add/remove stockists as we determine fit. Should you wish to have your business reviewed for earlier inclusion as a website stockist and you have demonstrated a frequent ordering history across a wide range of our products, then please contact us as we will be happy to assist and support you.

Changes to Trading Terms and Conditions

  • We reserve all the right to change any or all of our trading terms and conditions at any time in the future without notice. We will either issue a separate document advising of the updated terms and conditions or they will be updated here on this page of our website. For each order you submit, you automatically agree to be bound by our trading terms and conditions as published at the time of your order.
  • If you don't agree with our terms and conditions, please do not place an order either on this website or through our other offline ordering processes - they are all subject to the same trading terms and conditions.


  • Any dispute to our trading terms and conditions will be dealt with in a court in the jurisdiction of Sydney, New South Wales Australia.
  • All consumer rights and obligations by us as suppliers will be according to the laws of New South Wales and Australia.