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This is just a thank you for your magnificent service. I ordered the envelopes one day and they were delivered the next which I found amazing, particularly given the demands on Australia Post these days.
Thank you for magnificent service
Kind regards,
(Received on email 25/9/2020)
Elizabeth Oct 9, 2020
Ben from Paperglitz has been so helpful and amazing to deal with. Placed an order today and I've already received an updated email saying my order is completed and has been shipped. Thank you Ben for the fantastic customer service and for all of your help!
Louise Douglas Feb 3, 2020
Hi Maria
How awesome - thought you'd like to hear that my parcel arrived a little while ago - I took the express option yesterday and wasn't sure it would arrive today as I'm at the Sunshine Coast. This may be good to mention if any other customer queries it.

Again everything was packed with care and arrived undamaged and I love the few little samples you included - you guys are sensational - thanks (and hats off to Australia Post too !)

Kind regards
(Received on email 19/6/2019)
Jules Sep 16, 2019
Having a Wedding Stationery business with strict time schedules, I would like to thank you for your fast efficient service always. But particularly this time, yesterday my printer ruined 70 envelopes :-( , immediately ordered more and they're here this morning for me to continue with my order due out this week. Thank You, I appreciate all your hard work.
Linda Collin Aug 8, 2018
I'm blown away by your service - ordered Wednesday, arrived beautifully packed in good order yesterday. I can't thank you enough. This standard of service, both friendly and efficient, is so very rare.

Warm regards, Jenny
(received on email 26/01/2018)
Jenny Jan 31, 2018
I have never had such quick service, the paper arrived not even half an hour of me paying :) Kind regards & Thank you Anna
(received on email 28/11/2017)
Anna Nov 28, 2017
Great company, with great products and great staff. Accurate order processing and great quality control. Stock is well packed and never arrives damaged. Super efficient processing with a range of different products. They have delivered consistently great customer service and products to me for the last 8 years.

Dealing with this company is always a pleasure.
(submitted on our Google Page 15/10/2017)
Kristin Galea Oct 15, 2017
To the Paperglitz Team, Thank you for being so ridiculously efficient! My parcel arrived today and I wasn’t expecting it until next week. Kind regards, Kirstie
(received on email 29/9/2017)
Kirstie Sep 29, 2017
Just wanted to thank you for the exceptional service from Paperglitz this year. I have been wedding stationery and this order is the last of it which I have to quickly print today and assemble tonight as I am leaving very early tomorrow morning. It is very reassuring to know that when I order off your website you always have the stock and I have always receive the next day and you are always helpful. I will be continuing to use Paperglitz for all our specialty stock needs... All your help and services are very much appreciated.
(received on email 28/9/2017)
Lynda Sep 28, 2017
Amazing Service. I had a rush order for wedding invitations come through from a customer and I was short a few envelopes to fulfill it. I placed my order at 3:30 and it had shipped within an hour & arrived at my doorstep at 10am the next day! Just amazing, thank-you!
(submitted on our Facebook page)
Alison Banham Jun 11, 2017